1. Nov 25, 2020

Intravitreal axitinib implant well tolerated, safe in nAMD

Interim analyses found that an intravitreal axitinib implant (OTX-TKI) was safe and generally well-tolerated in patients with neovascular AMD (nAMD), according to a poster presentation at AAO 2020 Virtual. Minimal movement and consistent resorption were reported.

In this ongoing prospective phase 1 trial evaluating safety, no ocular or systemic serious adverse events were reported. In patients treated with a dose of 400-μg, the mean reduction in central subfield thickness (CSFT), was observed by 2 months and maintained up to 4.5 months. In patients treated with 200-μg and 400-μg no additional anti-VEGF therapy was needed for >9 and >3 months, respectively, to date. In patients treated with 200-μg, minimal OTX-TKI movement was observed.

Boyer DS, et al. Safety and Biological Activity of Intravitreal OTX-TKI Implant in nAMD: Phase 1 Study. Presented at: AAO 2020 Virtual.