1. Feb 17, 2019

Can a Contact Lens Sensor Identify Risk of Glaucoma Progression?

A contact lens sensor appears to be able to help recognize patients who have the greatest risk of faster glaucoma progression, according to a recent report. It cannot measure intraocular pressure, however.

The device, called Triggerfish, is said to offer noninvasive 24/7 monitoring. It is a silicone contact lens that includes a strain gauge that measures corneal radius of curvature changes as eye pressure fluctuates.

Unfortunately, the device is not yet ready for prime time, owing mostly to significant variation found between individuals. So, while overall correlation is seen, real clinical value (or lack thereof) will likely come after additional prospective data is gathered and evaluated.

You can read more here.  Plus you can learn more about how the Triggerfish sensor fared in a recent clinical trial.



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