1. Jul 29, 2020

Paracentral retinotomy helps close resistant macular hole

In an update from his 2017 ASRS presentation, Michael S Tsipursky, MD presented data at the 2020 ASRS Virtual Conference from additional patients on the benefit of paracentral nasal retinotomy resistant macular holes.

In this multicenter, retrospective interventional study, 13 eyes with idiopathic macular holes, 1 eye with a traumatic macular hole, and 1 eye with a macular hole following a retinal detachment repair, were included. In total, 13 eyes had a persistent macular hole despite one or multiple vitrectomies with internal limiting membrane (ILM) peel with or without ILM flap overlay.

After undergoing relaxing parafoveal nasal retinotomy, 13 out of 15 macular holes had closed and 8 eyes had partial or complete restoration of ellipsoid zone. After surgery, best corrected visual acuity showed significant improvement from 1.29 to 0.87.

“Paracentral nasal retinotomy is a viable surgical option in refractory cases where other surgical options are not likely to work,” the authors concluded.

Tsipursky M, et al. Update on paracentral retinotomy for resistant macular hole. Presented at: 2020 ASRS Virtual Meeting.