1. Jul 15, 2020

More than half of glaucoma patients had to delay care due to COVID-19

In a survey of 1051 adult patients with glaucoma from the United States, 53% said that had to delay or cancel a glaucoma appointment in the first months of the pandemic.

The online National COVID-19 Glaucoma Impact Survey was conducted by the Glaucoma Research Foundation over 4 days in May.

Key findings include:

-36% were not confident that their disease was well-managed during the early months of the pandemic

-53% had to delay or cancel a glaucoma appointment during this time period.

-Patients with least confidence regarding their disease managements were more likely to have had their care delayed or canceled.

-63% are now comfortable returning to their doctors’ offices, if safety measures are in place.

“Glaucoma patients and their eye care professionals have faced particular challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic closures, given the progressive but indolent nature of a disease that can lead to blindness and the fact that tests required to monitor eye pressure or detect disease progression must be performed in person,” Thomas Brunner, Glaucoma Research Foundation president and CEO, said in a news release. “We hope the findings from this survey provide valuable perspective to eye care professionals regarding their patients’ preferences, concerns and experiences as they are able to re-open their offices and begin advancing glaucoma care.”

Read the full results here.