1. Sep 25, 2019

Preloaded DMEK in DORC Tube Now Offered by Eversight

Eversight announced it is the first eye bank to prepare and provide DMEK tissue in the Melles DORC tube. This new offering provides surgeons more preloaded tissue options to both streamline procedures and reduce cost.

The DORC tube is popular among eye surgeons because it allows for an ergonomic injection angle and its tapered end can extend far into the anterior chamber for precise delivery. It also only requires a 2.4-mm incision, which may improve healing and help surgeons perform multiple procedures.

The new preloaded tube with DMEK tissue makes it so staff do not have to prepare tissue in advance. Even better, they do not have to alter the procedure because it is a seamless insertion.

Eversight works with surgeons, researchers, medical centers, and eye banks nationally and internationally. The goal is to restore sight through donation, transplantation, and research.

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