Anterior Segment

Maximizing Swept-Source OCT Technology for IOL Surgical Planning: An Expert Panel Discussion

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Arturo Chayet, MD | David Cooke, MD | Doug Koch, MD | Li Wang, MD PhD

Learn from expert panel webinar about Heidelberg Engineering ANTERION® technology. Hear from leading ophthalmologists and researchers as they share their experience and answer audience questions. Topics covered by the panel in this lively discussion include:

  • Explore the advanced ANTERION technology and how SS-OCT is becoming a driving force behind accurate anterior segment measurements.
  • Understand the role of robust corneal data in the application of toric and advanced technology IOL power prediction.
    • Complex scenarios
    • Toric and MF IOLs
    • Post-LVC considerations and methods
    • ICLs (considerations)
    • Tilted/misaligned IOLs
    • Post-operative audit