Cataract/anterior segment

Distance vision impairment was independently associated with an accelerated rate of memory decline in participants from China and the United States, according to a study.

In this cohort study, 8315 participants aged 50-94 years from China and 8939 participants aged 50-95 years from the United States were followed for up to 4 years.

Participants from China had a 0.16-point decrease in composite memory during 4-year follow-up while participants from the United…

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  1. Mar 05, 2021

Dense cataracts effectively and efficiently treated with lens fragmentation device

A study with a lens fragmentation device (miLOOP, Zeiss) shows a trend in significantly reducing intraoperative capsule complications, which may lead to better long-term visual outcomes and greater case volume efficiency per operating room session, according to a…

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