1. Mar 04, 2021

High patient satisfaction with dropless steroid therapy using intracanalicular insert

Patients report high satisfaction with real-world use and preference for a novel intracanalicular dexamethasone insert DEX (Dextenza, Ocular Therapeutix) over topical drops used in operating room (OR) or in an outpatient clinical setting, according to a poster presentation at AAO 2020 Virtual.

For the study, researchers evaluated the patient experience with DEX, a tapered dropless steroid alternative to treat inflammation and pain after cataract surgery over 30 days. DEX, an intracameral dexamethasone insert, is administered through the lacrimal punctum into the canaliculus. The phase 4 study from 23 US sites included 62 patients over the age 50 (mean: 67.8 years; M/F = 25/37), with the majority being retired (65%). Quantitative survey of patients at 30 days after DEX insertion in the OR or outpatient clinical setting after cataract surgery, evaluating satisfaction, likelihood of recommending DEX using 7-point Likert scales, and preference compared to drops were used.

 In total, 93% of patients reported overall satisfaction (5-7 rating) with DEX (mean rating: 6.5) and none said they were dissatisfied. Ninety-seven percent of patients would recommend DEX to family (mean rating: 6.7). For patient preference, between dropless steroid therapy and topical eye drops, 93% of patients chose the dropless therapy (DEX). The patient experience was consistent with previous results from the clinical trials, they reported.  

Majmudar PA, et al. Real-world patient experience with dropless steroid therapy using a novel hydrogel–based intracanalicular dexamethasone (0.4 mg) insert. Presented at: AAO 2020 Virtual. [Session: PO032].