1. Apr 09, 2021

Retinoblastoma incidence rate increasing

The incidence of retinoblastoma is increasing likely due to improved survival and improved reproductive capabilities of survivors of hereditary retinoblastoma, according to a presentation at 2021 AAPOS Virtual Meeting.

In this multicenter, cross-sectional study, all patients (n = 517) diagnosed with retinoblastoma in 2017 across 40 European countries were included. Based on live births, the estimated incidence rate was 1 in 13,844. Based on population, the estimated incidence rate was 14.1 per one million children <5 years of age and 4.6 per one million children <15 years of age.

Linear regression analysis showed that a higher proportion of familial retinoblastoma predicted a higher national incidence rate (P = 0.002).

“Therapeutic intervention is increasing the population frequency of pathogenic variants of RB1, associated with dominant cancer predisposition,” the authors noted.

Stacey AW, et al. The incidence of retinoblastoma has increased: Analysis based on results from 40 European Countries. Poster Presented at: 2021 AAPOS Virtual Meeting.