1. Apr 13, 2021

Most ophthalmologists think AI will improve ophthalmology

Most ophthalmologists have positive opinions on the concept and potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in ophthalmology, although some worry about its diagnostic accuracy, according to survey results presented at the 2021 Virtual AAPOS Meeting.

In this study, 80 AAPOS members voluntarily completed a web-based survey to determine perspectives of AI in ophthalmology. The mean number of years since graduating residency among AAPOS members who participated in the survey was 21 years.

-Most (91%) said they understood the concept of AI

-70% said they thought AI would improve ophthalmology

-68% said they were willing to use AI in their clinical practice

-More than half (65%) didn’t believe it would replace doctors

-Most (71%) thought AI should be taught during medical school/residence

Some physicians (26%) reported concerns that AI would hurt the patient-physician relationship while others (46%) reported concerns with the diagnostic accuracy of AI.

Al-Khaled T, et al. Evaluation of pediatric ophthalmologists' perspectives of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: A pilot study. Poster presented at: 2021 Virtual AAPOS Meeting.