1. Jun 22, 2020

Conjunctivitis may be the only presenting symptom in some patients with COVID-19

Conjunctivitis may be the only symptom of COVID-19, according to a case study including 5 patients published in IDCases.

Each of the patients in this study presented to their primary care physicians with acute conjunctivitis with conjunctival hyperemia, epiphora, discharge, and photophobia. They were referred to an eye clinic after no improvement in symptoms was seen after several day and treated with moxifloxacin eye drops 4 times daily for an additional 5 days.

Despite a lack of fever or respiratory symptoms, all patients were confirmed to have COVID-19.

Conjunctivitis was the only symptom of COVID-19 found in these patients for the duration of their infection.


Scalinci S, Battagliola E. Conjunctivitis could be the only presenting sign and symptom of COVID-19. IDCases. 2020;20:e00774. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.idcr.2020.e00774