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Thea Pharma launches Preservative Freedom Coalition to promote safer eye care

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Thea Pharma Inc announced the establishment of the Preservative Freedom Coalition, an initiative aimed to raise awareness about unmet needs in ocular surface disease and advocate for the use of preservative-free topical ophthalmic medications.

In addition to Thea, founding members of the coalition include The Glaucoma Foundation, The Intrepid Eye Society, National Medical Association Ophthalmology Section, and Real World Ophthalmology.

The Preservative Freedom Coalition seeks to bring attention to the importance of preservative-free eye care through educational campaigns targeting eye care professionals and patients. The initiative aims to empower eye professionals with knowledge about the benefits of choosing preservative-free options whenever possible to safeguard the health of the ocular surface.

Susan Benton, President of Thea Pharma Inc, expressed the urgent need for change in the eye care industry, stating, “The eye care industry has a long history of using preservatives in eye drops that persists to this day. The Preservative Freedom Coalition will help spark national dialogue about the need to break through our apathy and indifference, with respect to preservatives, and change habits while continuing to keep our patients’ eye care as the highest priority.”

Benton further emphasized the coalition’s shared objective of enhancing patient outcomes and ensuring access to safe and effective preservative-free treatment options. Collaboration among diverse stakeholders is expected to drive greater success and overall patient satisfaction in the pursuit of a preservative-free future.

The Preservative Freedom Coalition will concentrate on the key areas of awareness, availability, and advocacy.

Dr Aakriti Garg Shukla, Medical Advisory Board Member at The Glaucoma Foundation, emphasized the significance of the Preservative Freedom Coalition in advancing eye care. “As medical professionals, we are the caretakers of eye health and have a responsibility to preserve and protect our patients’ vision,” said Dr Shukla. “The Preservative Freedom Coalition has the potential to make a significant impact on the education of the entire eye care community and to elevate the awareness of the deleterious effect of preservatives on the ocular surface.”

Dr Selina McGee, President of The Intrepid Eye Society Board of Directors, highlighted the coalition’s commitment to improving the lives of patients with various ocular conditions. “Our end goal is to improve the lives of patients, especially those with a number of chronically treated ocular conditions,” said Dr McGee. “We look forward to working with colleagues across the ophthalmologic, optometric, medical, and pharmaceutical communities as part of the Preservative Freedom Coalition to achieve this shared vision.”

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