1. Mar 29, 2021

Dry eye resource platform launched for eye care providers

MY OASIS, a dry eye resource cyber platform for eye care providers, will launch at SECO International 2021 (booth #722), according to Oasis Medical

The platform will aid providers in building their brand, expanding their practice’s reach, and accessing solutions to improve the quality of life of their patients with dry eye disease. According to the press release, providers will be able to view their practice’s monthly flow of over-the solutions and their compounding community expansion.

“This new patented platform, My OASIS, is branded to each practice to support a personalized consumer experience. It gives access to OASIS solutions for convenience and is the foundation of more to come to support practice expansion and reduce drop off of recommended care and compliance,” Craig Delgado, President of Oasis Medical, said in a company news release.

Read the full press release here.