1. May 05, 2021

Smartphone use by children leads to increased dry eye symptoms

One hour of smartphone use by children resulted in dry eye symptoms and slowed blink rate, according to a poster presented at ARVO 2021.

In this prospective study, 45 children between the ages of 6-15 years with healthy eyes were monitored as they played games on a smartphone continuously for 1 hour. Following smartphone use, ocular surface symptoms increased overall and for comfort and tiredness. No change in tear film was noted. Within 10 minutes of smartphone use the mean group blink rate reduced from 20.7±9.9 blinks per minutes during conversation to 7.4±5.2 blinks per minute.

During smartphone use, blink rate and interblink intervals remained the same.

No significant associations between changes in blink rate, interblink interval, and symptoms were found.

Chidi-Egboka, et al. One hour of smartphone use induces ocular discomfort and reduces blinking in children. Presented at: ARVO 2021