Do Patients Find EHR-Linked Glaucoma Medication Reminders Helpful?

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Electronic health records (EHR)-linked automated glaucoma medication reminders appear to be well received by patients, and most find them useful, according to a prospective, cross-sectional study.

Patients—who averaged 65 years of age–were asked to set up and use EHR-linked glaucoma medications reminders for three months. Of 147 approached, 100 agreed to participate. They answered questions about medication adherence, reminders, and the likelihood of using EHR-linked reminders. Investigators looked at patient satisfaction with the process. Among the results:

  • 1 in every 10 of the participants were assessed as being high risk for poor adherence, roughly the same rate as those who did not participate.
  • 94 participants set up their reminders, and 89 of them completed follow-up.
  • In the end, ~three-fourths said the reminders were helpful, 15% were neutral, and 11% didn’t find them helpful.
  • ~Three-fourths needed help setting up their reminders.

Varadaraj V, Friedman DS, Boland MV.  Association of an electronic health record-linked glaucoma medical reminder with patient satisfaction. [Published online ahead of print December 13, 2018]. JAMA Ophthalmol. doi: 10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2018.6066.

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