Glaucoma compliance tool could help optimize patient adherence

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Using a compliance assessment tool, researchers were able to identify patient-specific factors associated with adherence in patients with glaucoma, which may lead to personalized interventions that could optimize treatment, according to a study.

Patients with self-reported poor glaucoma medication adherence were enrolled in a 3-month study to electronically monitor medication adherence. The Glaucoma Treatment Compliance Assessment Tool (GTCAT) was administered to each patient at enrollment.

The mean adherence was 73.8%. The researchers reported that the GTCAT had a good overall fit and no differential bias.

According to GTCAT responses, >50% of patients wanted more education about glaucoma; >68% did not use reminders, and>40% reported having difficulty using the eye drops.

The authors concluded that “Clinicians and researchers could use this tool to identify specific barriers to adherence and develop potential interventions to improve adherence.”

Predicting adherence with the glaucoma treatment compliance assessment tool. J Glaucoma. 2020; doi: 10.1097/IJG.0000000000001616.


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