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Ophthalmology-Related Coding Changes for 2019

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The American Academy of Ophthalmology’s medical director for government affairs provided a 2019 Medicare update during the AAO’s 2018 annual meeting in Chicago. He reviewed deleted, new, and updated codes relevant to eye care clinicians. 

Deleted Code
92275 Electroretinopathy (ERG): Deleted so that appropriate coding and tracking of the different types of ERG testing are now possible. In its place are:

  • 92273: ERG with interpretation and report; full field (examples include ffERG, flash ERC. Ganzfeld ERG)
  • 92274: ERG with interpretation and report; multifocal (mfERG)


New Category III Codes

New codes include: 

  • 059T: ERG with interpretation and report, pattern (PERG); created for appropriate coding and tracking of this new technology. 
  • 056T: Macular pigment optical density measurement by heterochromatic flicker photometry, unilateral or bilateral with interpretation and report.
  • 057T: Near infrared dual imaging of meibomian glands, unilateral or bilateral, with interpretation and report. 
  • 0514T: Intraoperative visual axis identification using patient fixation; list separately in addition to code for primary procedure. 


Revalued CPT Codes

Removal of foreign body

65205: Removal of foreign body, external eye; conjunctival superficial:

  • Proposed work relative value unit (wRVU): 0.49
  • Approved: 0.49
  • Current: 0.71

65210: Removal; of foreign body, external eye; conjunctival embedded, subconjunctival, or scleral non-perforating:

  • Proposed wRVU: 0.61
  • Approved: 0.75
  • Current: 0.84


67500: Retrobulbar injection:

  • Proposed wRVU: 1.18
  • Approved: 1.18
  • Current: 1.44

67505: Retrobulbar injection with alcohol:

  • Proposed wRVU: 0.94
  • Approved: 1.18
  • Current: 1.27

67515: Injection into Tenon’s capsule:

  • Proposed wRVU: 0.75
  • Approved: 0.84
  • Current: 1.40

Ophthalmic Ultrasound

76514: Ophthalmic ultrasound, diagnostic; corneal pachymetry, unilateral or bilateral (determination of corneal thickness):

  • Proposed wRVU: 0.14
  • Approved: 0.17
  • Current: 0.17

Repka M. 2019 Medicare update. Talk presented at: AAO 2018 annual meeting; October, 26-30, 2018; Chicago.

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