Integrating Direct Mail With Digital Marketing to Increase ROI

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Despite the advance of digital technologies, direct mail can enhance existing patient relationships and help discover new ones, according to a new article in MD Magazine. This enhancement and discovery may then lead to increased digital marketing results.

Digital marketing efforts are widespread, exhausting all channels of outreach. Direct mail is now a way to ease that exhaustion by being more targeted and relevant in these three areas:

  • Driving patients to online channels
  • Automating patient reminders
  • Retargeting to online channels

Direct mail can invite patients to learn more via websites. Introductory direct mail also helps target new potential patients. Although patients may be subscribed to an online newsletter, they are more likely to remember and respond to print notifications—especially for those that are personalized.

Retargeting patients uses direct mail to drive online traffic. When prospective patients are looking for new providers online, they can be sent a direct mail piece with offers to your practice or a reminder to schedule an appointment. This type of mailing is more cost-effective and allows for simpler patient communication.

Ultimately, patients want a consistent experience across online and offline channels. Using both digital marketing and direct mail can comprehensively target new and existing patients, increasing return on investment.

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