The enactment of the Michigan Opioid Laws led to a reduction in opioid prescriptions for oculoplastic and orbital procedures, according to a study published n JAMA Ophthalmology.

In 2017 and 2018, Michigan enacted several laws aimed to curb the state’s opioid epidemic by requiring prescribers to review a patients’ history of opioid use and to obtain written consent after informing patients on opioid use/disposal before prescribing.

In this cross-…

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  1. Dec 10, 2020

Immediate IV steroid use for children with orbital cellulitis shortens length of hospital stay

The use of IV steroids in combination with antibiotics on admission for children with orbital cellulitis led to faster clinical improvements and reduced hospital stays, according to a study.

The use of steroids in acute orbital infections is…

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  1. Dec 13, 2020

Use of automated imaging metrics in TED may provide rapid clinical information

The use of automated imaging metrics in thyroid eye disease has the potential to provide rapid clinical information that could identify visual impairments in earlier stages, potentially leading to better treatment options, according to a study…