THIS TEAM IS DRIVING THE COMPANY'S 8 CORE-PRINCIPLES: Integrity, Creativity, Expertise, Independence, Passion, Resiliency, Clear Communication and Love of what they do.

  • Dr. Marano is Chief of Ophthalmology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Saint Michael’s Medical Center in New Jersey

    Matthew Marano, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist and a national leader in laser vision eye care. He graduated from Columbia University and then went on to…

    Matthew Marano, MD Chief Medical Editor

  • Mr. Ciraulo and his organization have 30 years of healthcare and marketing experience. He was the co-founder and group publisher of the managed care media brand, First Report-Managed Care®; In addition, Mr. Ciraulo has launched numerous well known healthcare media platforms during his career.  …

    Christopher Ciraulo President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Kelsey works closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managing Editor on content development, including feature articles, conference coverage, and clinical briefs. She also works with the Senior Graphic Designer to ensure corporate branding maintains consistency throughout the…

    Kelsey Moroz Managing Editor

  • Rob is the National Account Manager for the Ophthalmology franchise (Ophthalmology 360™). A graduate of West Chester University where he majored communications with a focus in business and interpersonal/business relationships. He is dedicated to adhering to the IHM Media core principles:…

    Robert O’Connell National Accounts Manager

  • Joe draws on his twenty plus years of experience in the Media and Marketing industry to help the organization drive growth through a comprehensive digital strategy. He works closely with the Chief Executive Officer to enhance the customer relationship through streamlined digital tools and…

    Joe Pecora Chief Digital Officer

  • Juliana graduated the College of Charleston with a major in Communications focused on Marketing and Advertising. With a passion for enhancing brand image, she currently manages IHM’s social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). In addition, she…

    Juliana Della Pello Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Dean supervises the editing activities of the entire organization. He guides the production process ensuring that distribution needs are met on schedule. He works closely with the Chief Medical Editor to develop and deliver appropriate content. His ultimate goal is to stay true to the…

    Dean Celia Senior Contributing Editor

  • Mark L. Dlugoss has over 40 years of editorial experience, working in the business-to-business media and newspapers.

    Mark served as editor-in-chief of Ophthalmology Times for 22 years. During his tenure as editor-in-chief,…

    Mark L. Dlugoss Senior Contributing Editor

  • Alicia manages the Ophthalmology360™ Print brand – Art/Creative/Design are her expertise. She also manages the internal and external design projects for corporate branding and messaging.

    Alicia Indico Senior Graphic Designer

  • Lizzy manages the International Healthcare Media Social Media Platforms. She also manages certain aspects of the editorial content management system.

    Lizzy Kuhn Marketing Intern

  • Responsible for writing articles in the following departments: JournalScans, Conference Roundups, Trending Topics, FDA Reviews, and Feature Stories

    Christina Loguidice U.S. Staff Writer

  • Responsible for writing articles in the following departments: JournalScans, Conference Roundups, Trending Topics, FDA Reviews, and Feature Stories

    Christin Melton U.S. Staff Writer

  • Responsible for international breaking news and reporting on events in Australia, New Zealand and other regions around the globe

    Louise Wood International Staff Writer