Contact lenses

A new contact lens is setting the stage for future advancements in eye care. The lens allows users to zoom simply by blinking. It was created by researchers at the University of California San Diego and is detailed in Advanced Functional Materials.

To work, the lens is attached to the eye via 5 electrodes. It is the placement of these electrodes that allows users to zoom after blinking quickly twice. An electrical charge causes the lens to expand and contract, making the lens more convex. This initiating blink also responds to eye…

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  1. Aug 10, 2018

Plain Talk About the Consequences of Poor Contact Lens Care

Contact lens acute red eye may be caused by several factors, including, contact lens over wear, sleeping in contact lenses, or poor hygiene, noted Tami Hagemeyer, ABOC, lead optician at Premier Vision Group in Bowling Green, OH, during the American Optometric Association’s 2018 annual meeting in…

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  1. Jun 27, 2019

Do Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Cause Less Damage to the Ocular Surface?

Daily disposable contact lenses were found to cause less damage to the ocular surface than reusable lenses, according to a new study in Cornea. They also resulted in less increased proinflammatory cytokine levels.

Researchers evaluated 71 individuals who were given daily…