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With a National Health Service (NHS), academic, and industry research partnership, INSIGHT makes anonymous datasets easily accessible. The research hub provides real-world data and services for patient needs, such as clinical trials for drugs and devices. Its data is particularly focused on eye disease and related broader health concerns, such as diabetes and dementia.

INSIGHT’s large-scale data and analytics allow users to discover new insights regarding detection, diagnosis, treatment, and individualized care. It does so by pairing unique…

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Conference Roundup

  1. Jun 19, 2019

New SMART EHR™ Presented at AOA Optometry’s Meeting 2019

The new SMART EHR™ user interface (UI) includes a complete redesign of the previous Advantage SMART Practice®. In addition, screens have been streamlined to increase efficiency and ease of use.

Using real-time data, the UI helps…

Journal Scan

  1. Aug 01, 2019

New Study Finds Male Residents Perform More Procedures Than Female Residents

According to a new study in JAMA Ophthalmology, female residents perform fewer cataract surgeries and procedures than their male counterparts. The study was a retrospective, longitudinal analysis of resident case logs from 24 US ophthalmology residency programs from…