1. Apr 07, 2021

Does having glaucoma impact steroid response after cataract surgery?

Patients with glaucoma were more likely to have a response to steroids after cataract surgery compared to patients without glaucoma, according to a study.

In this retrospective review, 191 patients with glaucoma and 472 patients without glaucoma and no prior incisional glaucoma surgery underwent cataract surgery. All patients were treated with topical prednisolone acetate 1% postoperatively.

Overall, 10 (2.1%) patients without glaucoma and 16 (8.4%) with glaucoma were considered steroid responders. In patients without glaucoma, longer axial length (AL) and younger age were associated with a higher incidence of steroid response, whereas longer AL and more preoperative medications were associated with steroid response in patients with glaucoma. In both groups, an AL ≥26 mm was associated with steroid response.

Bojikian K, Nobrega P, Roldan A, et al. Incidence of and risk factors for steroid response after cataract surgery in patients with and without glaucoma. J Glaucoma. 2021;30(4):e159-e163.