Best Practices for Newcomers Considering Performing Blepharoplasty

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As eyelid blepharoplasty grows in popularity, more ophthalmic surgeons are considering offering the procedure. Experts recently offered 10 tips for newcomers to the technique:

  • Start with word-of-mouth advertising, as opposed to large-scale advertising.
  • Let patients know the goal is not to make the eye area look younger; the best procedure is one that people cannot tell has been done.
  • Educate patients by showing best-case and worst-case outcomes. Under-promise and overdeliver.
  • Have patients point out what they don’t like by using a mirror, vs simply describing.
  • Take photos before surgery and be sure to always get informed consent.
  • Before committing to perform the surgery, make sure patients are willing to do what’s required preoperatively (use antibiotics if necessary, stop smoking, discontinue blood thinners and vitamins). Also, never discontinue medications without first consulting with the clinicians who prescribed them.
  • Discuss other procedures with the patient, such as eyelid ptosis repair and brow lift, which can help achieve ideal blepharoplasty result.
  • Consider physical limitations that might lead to a less successful result.
  • Avoid performing the procedure on people you suspect might have unrealistic expectations.
  • Test for dry eye before surgery and treat it.

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