Managing Optic Neuritis in Children

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Optic neuritis usually occurs in adults, but pediatric ophthalmologists should be ready to treat it in their patients, as well, noted Jason H. Peragallo, MD, assistant professor in the departments of ophthalmology and pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, in a recent article. He addressed how the disease tends to present in children, covered its epidemiology, reviewed underlying causes, and explained the treatment regimen. 

Dr. Peragallo also noted future directions, including use of biomarkers to classify the disease. There is also a need to develop a consensus around standardized treatment of optic neuritis in children. The Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group has a pediatric optic neuritis registry that is enrolling patients under the age of 16 with optic neuritis symptom onset within 2 weeks. 

You can read more here.   

Peragallo J. How to Manage Pediatric Optic Neuritis.  [Published online April 10, 2018]. Review of Ophthalmology.


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