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Are You Thinking About Investing in New Technology? Let Your Patients Decide

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It is probably a mistake for ophthalmologists to purchase the latest technology just to have it. Even if you are thinking of offering a procedure, hold off and let your patients make the decision. That is what Reena N. Patel, MD, owner of Wichita Vision Institute in Wichita, KS, has done to gradually grow her practice.  

For example, patients were asking her for premium lenses, but they had dry eye. This prompted Dr Patel to invest in a thermal pulsation system for dry eye. “I never set out to be the dry eye specialist of Wichita; it seems to have happened organically,” she said. “Having the technology not only helped the patients that I had at that time, but it also acted as a mechanism for attracting new patients. They are now seeking me out, even though we do not advertise aside from our website and on social media.”

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Hillman L. Carving out a niche with services, technologies new to your market. Ophthalmology Business July 2018.  


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