Arthur B. Corona

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Arthur B. Corona

Arthur Corona is a Clinical applications specialist experienced in Ophthalmic Microsurgery Implantable Devices, Glaucoma, Cat/IOL, Lasers and Dry Eye Treatments both in the US and OUS. He has recently joined iStar Medical as a Consultant for MINIject surgery implant procedure which includes Surgeon Chart Review, SC training, Surgeon and OR RN/Tech training, OR Surgeon support, IOP follow-up, and identification of potential surgeon participants in the FDA Study.

He brings a broad background of experience as a consultant to the Technology/Research-oriented ophthalmic industry. During his career, which spans over four decades and over several thousand implant procedures in the surgical suite, with the vast majority at the OR microscope. He has gained in-depth expertise in documenting a variety of highly sophisticated surgical procedures involving state-of-the-art ophthalmic devices and related instrumentation. These include Mono Focal, Multifocal, and Toric intraocular lenses, phakic refractive lenses, accommodative intraocular lenses, microsurgical glaucoma devices, corneal inlays, laser cataract surgery, and corneal wound architecture. His experience in these areas includes instructing, proctoring and advising in surgical techniques, development of training materials, research and development design, in-the-field implementation of clinical studies, and development of a global distribution network for ophthalmic devices.

Arthur has been intimately involved in the process of the developmental stages to clinical trials, product approvals, and ultimately, in-the-field commercialization. He has a broad range of domestic and global experience that involves working as an employee or consultant for companies like Innfocus/Santen, LENSAR, Lenstec, STAAR Surgical Company (NPDS w/Collagen Implant), Eyeonics Corporation, American /Allergan Medical Optics (AMO), Chiron Ophthalmics, IoVision Inc (Baerveldt), Glaukos Corporation (iStent/Inject), Transcend Medical Inc (CyPass), I-Science Surgical (Ab-External Canaloplasty), and ForSight Labs. Additional endeavors included work with Micro Surgical Technologies, Tear Science, as well as with Specular Microscopy and Corneal Topography companies.