Content Awards

    Best Consumer Video – 2022

    With the help of Ophthalmologist Dr. Eric Saunders, Ophthalmology 360® produced an animated video, "Introduction to Ophthalmology with Dr. Saunders," for which it was awarded Best Consumer Video.    

    Best B2B Social Media & Online Community – 2022

    The International Healthcare Media brands have developed a award winning Social Media presence, making our content easy to access no matter the users preferred method of consuming. Updated daily with custom graphics, video snippets and the latest alerts across several of the top social platforms, we make it easy to keep up with everything International Healthcare Media.

    Best Planned or On-Location Coverage- 2021

    Ophthalmology 360® received an Honorable Mention for its coverage on the Hawaiian Eye and Retina 2021 conference. Our coverage consisted of over 15 social media posts reporting on posters, symposia, press room orals, and much more!

    Best Magazine Launch – 2020

    Ophthalmology 360® received an Honorable Mention for its inaugural print issue. The cover story "Dry eyes and Vaping: Are Your Patients at Risk?" written by Managing Editor Kelsey Moroz explores the role vaping has in the increase in Dry Eye occurance.

    Best Series of Articles – 2020

    Ophthalmology 360® produced a series of articles "Special Coverage: Coronavirus." The theme of the articles was to discover how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the ophthalmology industry.

    Best B2B Website – 2019

    In the Business-to-Business Healthcare/Medical/Nursing category. Ophthalmology 360® received an Honorable Mention for the Best Website for Ophthalmology360.com.

    Best Series of Articles – 2019

    Ophthalmology 360® recognized as an honorable mention in the Best Series of Articles Category for its Special Coverage: Glaucoma 2019 series.

    Best Planned or On-Location Coverage – 2019

    Ophthalmology 360® won the award for its coverage of the 2018 American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Conference in Chicago, IL. Our conference coverage consisted of over 30 articles reporting on posters, symposia, press room orals and much more!