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Determining Which Size Scleral Contact Lens to Recommend

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When determining which size scleral contact lens to recommend, consider several important factors, said Langis Michaud, OD, professor at the Université de Montréal, during the during the American Optometric Association’s 2018 annual meeting in Denver. 

Smaller scleral lenses: 

  • Go-to lenses for most current refractive error patients 
  • Less intimidating
  • Easier to handle 
  • Less troubleshooting 
  • Reduced learning curve 
  • Better long-term ocular health 

Larger scleral lenses: 

  • Use for larger corneas 
  • Front toric designs best

When switching patients from soft to scleral lenses, identify a need, such as vision or comfort. Educate patients about scleral lens technology, including its benefits, limits, cost, and now to handle. 

Michaud L. In the scleral lens world: It seems that smaller is better.  Talk presented at: 2018 AOA Annual Meeting; June 20-24, Denver.

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