CRADLE Smartphone App Helps Detect Eye Disease in Children

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A new prototype smartphone app, CRADLE (ComputeR Assisted Detector LEukocoia), helps parents detect early signs of eye disease in children. The app searches for abnormal reflections from the retina and other common disorders. A recent study in Science Advances showed the app allowed parents to effectively and efficiently screen their children.

CRADLE’s sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy was determined by analyzing >50,000 photographs of children taken prior to their diagnosis.

CRADLE was able to detect leukocoria in 80% of children with diagnosed disorders; traditional screenings detect leukocoria in only 8% of cases. Its sensitivity for children age 2 and younger also surpassed 80%, which is known as the “gold standard.”

Researchers are currently retraining the algorithm and sorting 100,000 additional reference photographs, as well as developing features to reduce false positives.

CRADLE can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android devices and is found under the name “White Eye Detector.”

You can read more here.

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