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Antibiotic/steroid combination eye drop manages inflammation after cataract surgery

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A sterile, multidose antibiotic/steroid combination (Tobradex ST ophthalmic suspension) effectively managed inflammation and infection following cataract surgery, according to a poster presented at ASCRS 2022.

In this open-label, single-center study, 98 patients were recruited, with 5 withdrawing due to adverse events and 2 for non-specified reasons. Visit 1, Day 0 was the day of surgery; Visit 2, Day 1 was the day after surgery; and Visits 3 and 4 were approximately 6- and 30-days post-surgery.

The combined eye drop was given on Day 0 and patients were instructed to administer 1 drop per eye 4 times per day for the first week and 2 times per day after the first week.

Ocular assessments were done at baseline and Visits 1-4.

No serious AEs or reports of significantly blurred vision, burning, or stinging were reported during installation at any time point.

No irritation 15 minutes after instillation of the eye drop was reported in 85% of patients on Day 1 and in 92% of patients on Day 30.

The majority of patients (97%) said they had no difficulty using the drops on Days 1 and 6; 93% said they had no difficulty on Day 30.

At no point was any instance of severe hyperemia, pain, edema, or anterior chamber inflammation detected. On Days 1, 6, and 30 evidence of mild ocular inflammation was detected in ≤3% of patients.

“These data suggest that [the eye drop] has the potential to simplify post-operative care and improve adherence to treatment regimens,” the authors concluded.

Williamson BK, et al. Efficacy, Tolerability, and Safety of Post-Operative Tobramycin/Dexamethasone 0.3%/0.05% Ophthalmic Suspension (T/D) in Cataract Patients. Presented at: ASCRS 2022.