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Demodex blepharitis negatively impacts most patients’ lives

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In an observational study, three-quarters (77.4%) of patients reported that Demodex blepharitis had a negative impact on their daily lives.

The prospective, multicenter study included 524 patients with Demodex blepharitis from 20 U.S. ophthalmology and optometry centers. Patients completed a questionnaire that assessed symptoms, daily activities, and management tactics as part of the study.

Most patients (67.8%) lived with their condition for 2 or more years. The top 3 most “bothersome” symptoms included:

  1. Itchy eyes
  2. Dry eyes
  3. Foreign body sensation

More than half of patients (58.7%) with clinical manifestations of Demodex blepharitis as confirmed by an eye care professional never received a blepharitis diagnosis.

Patients reported managing their condition with artificial tears, warm compress, and lid wipes. About half (45.9%) of those who discontinued treatment did so because of tolerability issues or lack of efficacy.

The authors concluded that Demodex blepharitis was a psychosocial and symptomatic burden for patients.


Barnett M, Simmons B, Vollmer P, et al. The impact of Demodex blepharitis on patient symptoms and daily life. Optom Vis Sci. 2024;101(3):151-156. doi:10.1097/OPX.0000000000002111