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Dry Eye Patients Say These Outcomes Are Important

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When it comes to dry eye, there is a substantial gap between research findings and outcomes patients consider important, according to a recent article. 

Researchers surveyed 420 dry eye patients on their priorities and compared them to outcomes measured in research projects. Patients rated less than one-fourth of 109 research outcomes as important. Ten of the 26 patient-identified important outcomes were not emphasized in the research. Of these 10, 9 assessed symptoms or quality of life. The most important 3: Ocular burning or stinging, ocular discomfort, and ocular pain.

You can read more here.

Does dry eye research target what matters to patients? Review of Optometry August 30, 2018. https://www.reviewofoptometry.com/article/does-dry-eye-research-target-what-matters-to-patients

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