If You Want to Build Your Brand, Start with These Basics

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Assembling the right team of brand-builders is a crucial element ensuring that prospective patients understand the value an ophthalmology practice offers, according to a recent article in Ophthalmology Business.  

While it may seem obvious, many make the mistake of trusting their brand-building to those not attuned to the nuances of eye care, including: 

  • The differences among ophthalmology, optometry, and optical care. 
  • At least a rudimentary understanding of how the eye works. 
  • Knowledge of what causes negative customer reactions. 
  • The different marketing segments, each of which requires unique messaging. 
  • An understanding of the stages of the consumer journey when considering eye care. 

Ophthalmologists and practice managers hardly have time for such details, which is why it’s best to trust brand-building and storytelling to an experienced team. 

You can read more here.   

Rabourn W. Select the right team of brand-builders to grow your ophthalmic business. Ophthalmology Business July 2018.  


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