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Four-Step Process Advised When Implanting Trifocal IOLs

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Although trifocal IOLs are not yet approved in the US, experts say they believe it’s only a matter of time. A recent article offered the latest thinking on trifocal IOLs, including advantages and disadvantages, practice pearls, and what the future holds. The key to achieving the desired outcome involves a four-step process that typically runs over a year and a half:

  • Implanting the IOL
  • Performing PRK or LASIK three months later if residual refractive error is present
  • Using YAG laser to address any posterior capsule opacity
  • Neural adaptation

You can read more here.  

Stephenson M. Trifocal IOLs provide near, intermediate, and distance vision. [Published online January. Eye World. https://www.eyeworld.org/trifocal-iols-provide-near-intermediate-and-distance-vision

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