Post-operative visual outcomes good with new trifocal IOL

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One-month post-operative visual outcomes for patients implanted with a new trifocal IOL (PanOptix; Alcon) at a single site were good when compared to predicted refraction, according to data presented at the 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting.

Researchers analyzed 1-month post-operative visits for 218 eyes implanted with the IOL. Mean monocular and binocular uncorrected distance visual acuity (UCDVA) was 20/24.

Overall, 44.72% of eyes were 20/20 or better; 84.86% of eyes were 20/25 or better; 94.95% of eyes were 20/30 or better; and 99.54% of eyes were 20/40 or better.

Mean binocular UCDVA was 20/22. Of the binocular cases, 62.82% were 20/20 or better; 97.44% were 20/25 or better; and 100% were 20/30 or better.

Mean monocular and binocular uncorrected near visual acuity (UCNVA) was J1 and J1+.

In 59.63% of cases, changes were made using ORA intraoperative aberrometry, including IOL power changed in 36.92%, toric model in 42.31%, and IOL power and toric model changed in 20.77%.

Hu JG, et al. Evaluation of a New Trifocal IOL. Presented at: 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting.

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