First-of-Its-Kind OCT Imaging and AI Screening Integration Improves Retinal Diagnoses

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A new screening system is the first to combine OCT retinal imaging and artificial intelligence (AI)-based image processing, according to a multi-center clinical trial. The system can generate a screening report in 3 minutes.

The system was developed by Optovue and Ping An Technology. The trial was conducted at Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Tongji University, and included 784 participants. Test accuracies were examined regarding image quality assessment, lesion detection, and referral urgency assessment.

Results showed test accuracy for image quality assessment was 99.2%, 98.6% for lesion detection, and 96.7% for referral urgency assessment.

The system uses its AI algorithms to automatically identify lesions to assist in diagnosis. It can control the image diagnosis quality and provides physicians with real-time data visibility. These data include comparisons between quality and quantity of examined images.

Xie Guotong, from Ping An Technology, explained that “primary medical institutions will be empowered with high-quality ophthalmic AI models to assist in carrying out diagnosis and treatment at different levels.”

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