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Thermal eyelid therapy improves dry eye in MGD

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One treatment of a novel targeted blink-assisted thermal eyelid therapy (TearCare, Sight Sciences) achieves a statistically significant improvement of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease (DED) in patients with meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) within 2 weeks of the treatment, according to a presentation at 2020 AAO Virtual.

More patients in the TearCare group reported clinically meaningful symptomatic relief compared to the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System (Johnson and Johnson) group, assessed by Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI), the researchers reported. Seventy-two percent of TearCare vs 59% of LipiFlow subjects improved by at least 1 OSDI category; while 22% less use of lubricant drops throughout the study follow up in the TearCare group was reported.

The recent study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of TearCare in comparison with LipiFlow in relieving the signs and symptoms of DED associated with MGD. One hundred and thirty-five patients from 10 sites were randomized 1:1 to a single treatment with either of 2 devices. Study visits were baseline, Day 1, Week 2, and 1 month. Preop- and post-treatment tear breakup time, meibomian gland secretion score (MGS), and OSDI were collected, effectiveness was evaluated at 1 month for noninferiority, and safety was evaluated using reported adverse events (AE). The mean tear breakup time (3.0 ± 4.4), MGS (11.2 ± 11.1) and OSDI (−27.9 ± 20.6) improved significantly in the TearCare group. In addition, no statistically detectable differences in the 2 groups were observed, even though the TearCare group demonstrated greater improvements than the LipiFlow group, including 22% more subjects improving by at least 1 OSDI category. AEs were reported in 2 eyes (loss of visual acuity) of the TearCare group and 3 eyes (loss of visual acuity, corneal abrasion, and foreign body sensation) of the LipiFlow group.

Hovanesian JA, et al. A novel, targeted, blink-assisted, thermal eyelid therapy and meibomian gland clearance in the treatment of meibomian gland disease: A perspective, single-masked, multicenter RCT (OLYMPIA). Presented at: AAO 2020 Virtual [Session: PO099].

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