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Varenicline nasal spray improves dry eye symptoms in wide range of patients

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A varenicline solution nasal spray (VNS) improved tear production and patient-reported symptoms across a wide range of patients with dry eye disease (DED), according to a study.

The nasal spray, OC-01, was assessed using integrated data from ONSET-1 and ONSET-2 including adults ≥22 years of age diagnosed with DED treated with vehicle control (n = 294) and OC-01 VNS 0.03 mg (n = 308).

Endpoints included the percentage of patients who achieved 10 mm improvement in the study eye in anesthetized Schirmer Test Score (STS) from baseline to week 4; the mean change in STS from baseline to week 4; and the mean change in patient-reported eye dryness score (EDS) from baseline to week 4.

Subgroups included:
-Age (≤55, 56-65, >65 years)
-Gender (male, female)
-Race (White, Black or African American)
-Ethnicity (Hispanic or Latino, Not Hispanic or Latino)
-Use of artificial tear (yes, no)

For all endpoints there was a demonstrated consistency of treatment effect across subgroups. There was an improvement from baseline in tear production across demographic group categories in STS and EDS.

The use of artificial tears with OC-01 VNS did not change STS or EDS outcomes.

Epitropoulos AT, Daya SM, Matossian C, et al. OC-01 (Varenicline Solution) Nasal Spray Demonstrates Consistency of Effect Regardless of Age, Race, Ethnicity, and Artificial Tear Use. Clin Ophthalmol. 2022;16:3405-3413. doi: 10.2147/OPTH.S383091. PMID: 36249445; PMCID: PMC9556276.