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When should follow-up occur after initial PVD?

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In this study, data from the IRIS Registry on 441,517 eyes was used to analyze delayed retinal breaking after initial posterior vitreous detachment (PVD).

Overall, 2.37% (10,454) of eyes had a retinal break after PVD occurring at a median time of 38 days after initial PVD. Time to delayed breaks was similar between retina providers and non-retina providers.

Eyes at higher risk of developing delayed breaks included those with:

-Vitreous hemorrhage

-Lattice degeneration


“Repeat examination should take place at least once within 6 weeks after initial PVD, and a higher index of suspicion is warranted in more at-risk eyes,” the authors concluded.

Vangipuram G, et al. Timing of Delayed Retinal Break in Patients Presenting With Acute Posterior Vitreous Detachment in the IRIS® Registry. Presented at: AAO 2021.