Young retina specialist ‘bootcamp’ aims to guide next generation

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The instructional course—Surgical Bootcamp for the Young Retina Specialist—highlights some of the challenges young retina specialists face and the best ways to overcome them.

Attendees will review surgical videos and clinical scenarios, learn how to prepare to operate in new environments and develop strategies for acquiring new surgical techniques. A panel discussion with retina specialists will also take place.

More information on the session can be found below:

Session: 659  
Surgical Bootcamp for the Young Retina Specialist
Topic: Retina, Vitreous

Education Level: Intermediate
Senior Instructor: Tamer H Mahmoud MD

Avni Patel Finn, MD
Prethy Rao, MD
Katherine E Talcott, MD
Ferhina S Ali, MD
Adrienne Williams Scott MD
Jayanth S Sridhar, MD
Ashleigh Laurin Levison, MD
Jayanth S Sridhar, MD
Ashleigh Laurin Levison, MD

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