AAO Provides Guidance for Reopening of Ophthalmology Care

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The AAO has issued a statement regarding the path to reopening ophthalmology care on a local and regional basis, according to a letter sent to its members by AAO CEO David W Parke II, MD.

The AAO had previously recommended that ophthalmologist only provide urgent or emergent care.

“And so, while the Academy made a national recommendation to curtail ophthalmic practice, the decisions to reopen more normal practice will be local and regional,” wrote Dr Parke in the letter. “They will be based on local and state governments, on public health authorities interpreting local patterns of disease, on testing availability, on institutional policies and ultimately on individual ophthalmologists. While we closed routine practice nationally, we will open locally.”

In the coming weeks, AAO said it will provide guidance documents for reopening.

Read the full letter here.

Source:  American Academy of Ophthalmology



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