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Intravitreal injections coding changes, evaluation and management updates expected in 2021

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Current and future coding and reimbursement changes were discussed at a 2020 ASRS Virtual Meeting session.

In the presentation, Ankoor R. Shah, MD said one of the major recent changes to retinal coding includes extended ophthalmoscopy, due to increased utilization. The previous codes—92225 and 92226—have been eliminated and new codes—92201 and 922202—have been created.

The is a conversion from a unilateral to bilateral code.

As Dr Shah puts it, 92201 is basically a drawing plus globe depression, whereas 922202 is just a drawing.

As 2021 approaches, Dr Shah said one of the biggest changes will be updates in Evaluation and Management reimbursement, which will likely result increased reimbursements.

Other anticipated coding/reimbursement changes, include:

-Intravitreal injections, which was reviewed October 2019 and expected to be implemented in 2021.

-Ultrasound biomicroscopy, which was reviewed January 2020 and expected to be implemented in 2021.

-Laser and Cryo Retinopexy, which will be reviewed in October 2020 and expected to be implemented in 2022.

Shar, AR. Retinal Coding Updates. Presented at: 2020 ASRS Virtual Meeting

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