Visual field damage in patients with glaucoma linked with lighting-associated gait impairment

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Patients with glaucoma who have more visual field (VF) damage experience lighting-associated gait impairment, not mediated by fear of falling (FOF), according to a study.

In this study, 213 participants with glaucoma had gait parameters measured in normal indoor light, then in dim light, and again in normal light.

In patients with more VF damage, gait initiation in dim light took longer (P = 0.02). In addition, when moving from normal to dim lighting, these patients slowed gait and cadence, shortened stride length, and lengthened double support time (P < 0.001).

More VF damage was associated with slower gait in dim lighting and normal lighting after dim lighting. It was also associated with shorter strides, broader stance, and more variable stride velocity and length in all types of lighting tested.

In normal lighting after dim lighting, velocity, cadence, and double support time did not return to baseline. Researchers noted that the relationship between integrated VF sensitivity and lighting-dependent gait changes were not resolved by the fear of falling.


Bicket AK, Mihailovic A, E JY, et al. Gait in elderly glaucoma: Impact of lighting conditions, changes in lighting, and fear of falling. Transl Vis Sci Technol. 2020;9(13):23. doi: 10.1167/tvst.9.13.23. PMID: 33364078; PMCID: PMC7745602.

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