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Insights From a ‘Professional Problem-Solver’

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Bruce Maller, CEO of BSM Consulting, a healthcare consulting firm, tells the story of his initial foray into helping medical practices. His first client many years ago was an acquaintance who was part of an OB-GYN practice. “That was really the first opportunity for me to go in and problem-solve,” noted Maller. “It was a discovery — they actually listened to me. I’m this kid that really doesn’t have a lot of experience in business, doesn’t have an advanced degree, yet my message resonated with them.”

Thus began Maller’s career as a “professional problem-solver.” Forty years later, he and his organization remain highly-respected consultants. Maller recently shared his insights on the state of eye care and where he believes the profession is headed.

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Bruce Maller on the state of ophthalmology. [Published online January 1, 2019]. Ophthalmology Management. https://www.ophthalmologymanagement.com/issues/2019/january-2019/bruce-maller-on-the-state-of-ophthalmology.  

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