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Konan Medical introduces CellChek20, the next generation specular microscope

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Konan Medical (Japan) and Konan Medical USA, Inc., global leaders in innovative diagnostic devices for the ophthalmic industry today announced the launch of the newest endothelial imaging system: CellChek 20.

Specular microscopy from Konan Medical is widely regarded as the Gold Standard for cellular imaging and analytic assessment of the corneal endothelium. CellChek 20 adds a single-button press exam that acquires images of both eyes and the automated analysis with the new, fully-automated Center Method™. CellChek 20 also features larger imaged area, superior image clarity as well as guttata recognition and redaction from cellular calculations.

“CellChek 20 offers a new level of convenience for our customers,” said Konan (Japan) CEO Tetsuji Ikegami. “Even during COVID, the interest has been particularly strong for high-tech, low-touch clinical specular microscopy found in CellChek 20.” Konan Medical USA CEO Charles Stewart added, “CellChek 20 has immediately generated a rebound in sales from customers and distributors. New analytic tools, compact package, and blazing fast, one-button for positioning, alignment, capture and analysis, for both eyes. The best specular product Konan has ever produced.” A demonstration video of CellChek 20 can be seen at https://vimeo.com/461578916 .

Specular microscopy is a diagnostic device for ophthalmology, optometry, and eye banking that assesses the density and morphology of the cornea’s inner-most layer, the endothelium. Considered the “canary in the coal mine”, specular microscopy provides important insight into the health of the cornea, that can be commonly missed with standard examination techniques and is widely used prior to many eye surgeries, FDA clinical trials, routine eye exams and contact lens exams. Konan Medical is a pioneer in specular microscopy devices since 1979 and is mentioned in FDA panel minutes as being the “gold standard”.

CellChek 20 is FDA 510(k) cleared and CE marked.

Originally planned to be introduced at the world’s largest Ophthalmology meeting, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), Konan has made CellChek 20 available in Japan, Europe, North America and other regions through direct sales and distribution channels.

About Konan Medical, Inc. (Japan).
Headquartered in Hyogo, Japan, Konan started its business in 1947 and has served precision optics, industrial and ophthalmic markets including development of the world’s first disposable camera, with over 1,600 issued patents. Konan has dominated the specular microscopy business segment for over 40 years. Visit Konan at: https://konan.com/en/w/.

About Konan Medical USA, Inc.
Headquartered in Irvine, California, Konan Medical USA Inc. develops specialized diagnostic products for eye care clinicians and eye banks. The company also provides diagnostic equipment and support services to many of the leading ophthalmic manufactures in support of sponsored FDA clinical trials research in the United States and Internationally. A new web presence can be seen at: http://www.KonanMedical.com.

Source: Konan Medical

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