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Study: Dry eye disease symptoms improve with warm compress therapy

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The hydrating heat masks, Tranquilvibes and Tranquileyes XL (Eye Eco, Inc), improve the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), according to study results released in a company press release.

In the randomized multi-center observer-masked study, 35 patients with similar MGD-associated dry eye disease underwent in-office treatment with Tranquilvibes followed by manual gland expression and then used Tranquilvibes or Tranquileyes XL at home for 20-minute moist heat treatments daily. After 30 days, patients had better symptom scores, as well as improvements in tear breakup time, conjunctival and corneal staining, conjunctival injection, and anterior blepharitis. No adverse events were reported.

“Dry eye is a chronic, progressive condition caused primarily by MGD that requires home care for effective management. Eye care practitioners are always looking for ways to make home care simpler and more effective,” said Leslie O’Dell, OD, the study’s lead investigator in a press release. “In this study, the combination of heat and humidity in Tranquileyes XL and in Tranquilvibes, which adds vibration to massage the eyelids, significantly improved both dry eye symptoms and objective markers of ocular surface health. It’s clearly a very effective warm compress mask for dry eye patients.”

Read the full press release here

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