Secondhand smoke, satin use explored as risk factors in thyroid eye disease

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Several poster sessions at the upcoming ASOPRS 2020 Fall Scientific Symposium tackle risk factors in thyroid eye disease (TED), including hyperthyroidism, secondhand smoke, and satin use.

Thyroid eye disease is an autoimmune disease characterized by eyelid retraction/lag, proptosis, restrictive extraocular myopathy, and optic neuropathy.1 TED is commonly linked with Graves’ disease, a disease where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. According to the AAO,1 up to half of patients with Graves’ disease have TED, and 90% of patients with TED have hyperthyroidism.

The underlying cause of thyroid eye disease is not fully known. Possible risk factors include genetics, immune-related factors, and environmental causes, including smoking.2

ASOPRS 2020 Fall Scientific Symposium Posters
Risk of Thyroid Eye Disease among Patients with Hyperthyroidism: A US Claims Based Analysis
Amee Azad, Andrea Kossler

Second Hand Smoking as a Risk for Thyroid Eye Disease
Sara Reggie, Stephen Dryden, Elizabeth Eshun, Jameson Dowell, Brian Fowler, James Fleming

Statin Use Increases the Risk of Ocular Manifestations in Patients with Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy
Rahul Raiker, Haig Pakhchanian, Craig Geist

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