Significant postoperative complications not common day after vitreoretinal surgery

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After vitreoretinal surgery, most patients did not develop significant postoperative complications on postoperative day 1 (POD1) after a healthy exam on postoperative day zero (POD0), according to a poster presented at 2020 AAO Virutal Meeting.

In this retrospective consecutive case series, 90 patients who underwent various types of vitreoretinal surgery were examined on POD0 and again on POD1 to compare best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), IOP, subjective pain levels, visualization of the retina, and postoperative complications.

On POD0, mean BCVA (logMAR) was 2.04 (SD 0.44) and improved to 1.83 (SD 0.65) on POD1, and mean IOP increased from 13.8 mmHg to 17.5 mmHg. On POD0, 16.1% of patients had hypotony compared to 5.7% on POD1. A total of 3.4% of patients had ocular hypertension on POD0 compared to 4.6% on POD1.

No significant differences were observed in pain levels, visualization of the retina, or other postoperative complications between the postoperative days.

Weng CY, et al. Comparison of Postoperative Day 0 and Postoperative Day 1 Examination Findings Following Vitreoretinal Surgery. Presented at: 2020 AAO Virtual Meeting.

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