Surrogate Method for Direct MCAP Assessment Beneficial in Clinical Estimation of of OPP

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Clinical assessment of ocular perfusion pressure (OPP) would benefit from measuring mean arterial pressure (MAP) with arm-up and cuff at head level (AUMAP), according to a presentation at the virtual Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology meeting.

According to the presentation, in a standing or seated position, mean central artery pressure (MCAP) is estimated as 2/3 of MAP (2/3MAP) as MAP decreases at eye level for hydrostatic reasons.

In this study, seated 2/3MAP and AUMAP in 136 subjects, including healthy controls and patients with optic neuropathies that are not associated with changes in systemic blood pressure. In addition, AUMAP was tested at supine and 10° head down tilt position (HDT).

Seated 2/3MAP and AUMAP were highly correlated and linearly increased with age, resulting in similar pressures at young ages and higher AUMAP pressures at older ages.

AUMAP increased in linear proportion to the sine of the angle of body tilt and depended on age at supine and HDT positions.



Gordon PS, Kostic M, Monsalve P, et al. Estimates of central artery pressure: age and posture-dependent changes. Presented at: Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology annual meeting (virtual); May 6, 2020.


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